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The Band Perry to return to the Grand Ole Opry on July 25!

Never ever QUIT
Kimberly Perry (via destinationxyzel)
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The Band Perry,

Kimberly Perry – “I feel like we always feel inspired to sing about stories when people are the underdogs: they’re either tryin’ to rise out of a bad relationship, or a circumstance that’s a particular challenge for them. Done specifically came from that place, it had nothing to do with a relationship. Songs like, ‘Better Dig Two’, of course it seems like an angry woman song, but it’s just…”
Reid Perry – “It was just a crazy woman.”
Kimberly – “Yeah, it’s just kinda of psycho commitment, I would say ‘Better Dig Two’. And then of course a song like ‘Chainsaw’, I don’t know that it’s necessarily an aggressive woman song because let me tell ya there’s a lotta guys out there wantin’ to chop down a tree with initials on it too.”
Neil Perry – “So technically this is the first scorned song we’ve put out, really.”
Kimberly – “Well, technically. Maybe ‘You Lie.’”
Neil – “That’s true.”
Kimberly – “Yeah”


Songwriting session with The Band Perry - ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp

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